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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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The phone rang in my office. I let it ring three times to show I wasn't sitting there staring into shemale surprize with nothing really better to do on this rainy Friday afternoon. My new office was just outside of Washington, D.C. at the National Fire Academy and it overlooked the center of campus. I was teaching arson investigation and doing research on the side. It was my dream job and despite having no social life, I loved it.

The caller on the other end of the line was an old friend from home. Dan was a lawyer I had met while testifying against his client in a fatal arson case. He asked me to dinner after we left court that day and we had seen each other pretty regularly until I took the job in D.C.

"Jamie I need your help. I have a client who's really innocent and shemale asian up on murder charges in a suspicious fire case. When can shemale extreme anal get here? I'll have a ticket waiting at the airport for you and you shemale free movie list crash at my place so you're more at home than some hotel. " He said.

"How do you hairy men picts know I'm coming out there?" I said laughing at him. "What's the case? Can you fax me the reports? "

Within an hour I had all the insurance and news transvestite gwen official's reports and a desire to see the scene for myself. transvestite fashion knew I couldn't resist a case like this. After reading over the reports, I decided that I needed to see the physical evidence. I flew home as soon as I could get a flight.

Daniel met me at the airport with a dozen roses. I gave him a big hug and a kiss hello.

"I missed you Jamie." He said as we broke apart from transexual celebs His cologne brought back memories and I just wanted to smell him forever. The scent reminded me of the nights we had together free shemale bondage I truly missed those.

"I didn't realize how much I really missed you until you called. I've been so busy with the new job I haven't had time for anything. I still haven't unpacked or arranged my furniture except for the bed and the couch and the TV. "

"Well sweetheart, I'm sorry that this is a working vacation then. Maybe if you get my client off, I'll treat you to a nice getaway somewhere. That is if you still want me. "

I looked at him and laughed. "Don't worry about it" I said. I'm sure you'll find a way to transexual from hongkong it up to me." I smiled and winked.

We got my bag and headed to the truck. He kissed me again as we got to the truck and he opened the door for me. He pinned me against the side of the truck and kept kissing me. I put my arms around him and kissed him back with as much passion. His tongue searched my mouth looking for my soul. transvestite street hookers felt him harden against my thigh as we kept kissing. People in the parking lot were beginning to stare at us and probably wonder if we were going to do it on the hood of the truck or not. He stopped kissing me long enough to ask if I wanted to go to the office to get started on our work or go back to his place and drop off my luggage and grab something to eat. I picked going back to his place because I was as horny as he was and I knew that once we got there, I could easily get him shemales for free pic in bed.

The ride to his place was uneventful as we chatted about work and mutual friends. Once we got back to his place, he grabbed my bag from the trunk transexuel and sex and photo we went inside.

Little changed since I had been there a year before. Only thing different was the mail on the dinning room table and the jackets on the chair in the living room. I was dying to jump him as his cell phone rang. He dealt with a problem at the office with his secretary as I slid my hand into the front pocket of his Dockers and began to stroke him. He smiled and tried not to moan into the phone as he explained to his secretary how he wanted the research done for one of his cases. He wasn't' stopping me so I took it another step and began to unzip him as he told her how to bill the client in question. I slid my hand in and grabbed my prize. He was already starting to get hard as my cold hand released his warm cock from transexuals athens,ga slit in his most beautiful tranny 2003 He let out a little moan into the phone and his secretary must have asked him about it because he said that his mom was over with a cake. I laughed and got on my knees as he tried to get off the phone with the secretary.

"I'll get you off in more ways than one if you don't give me some attention soon Mister Hot Shot Attorney." I said laughing at him as he hung up his phone and put it down on the table. He pulled me up off my knees and gave me a long hot kiss. We broke apart and we began to undress each other in frenzy, stealing kisses as we went. tranny niagara
We left a trail of clothes leading from the front door to the bed. I don't know who was more eager to fuck, him or me. There was no foreplay this time. He was carrying a heat-seeking missile and my warm, moist pussy was his target. He crawled into bed on top of me and forced my legs apart and went right into the task at hand. We both needed release before we exploded and a good orgasm would clear our minds so we could take our time for round two. He filled me well and I tilted my hips enough so he transvestite movies free was rubbing my g-spot with every post op trannies free pics I was moaning like crazy and begging him to go faster and deeper. I was having a hard time catching my breath. He made me cum like a freight train, hard and continuous for a long time. I must have had ten mini orgasms and three big ones before he even thought about cumming. I defiantly forgot how good it felt to shemales free pictures fucked and I think he missed it too. He told me on the phone that he didn't' have time to meet anyone new since I had left and he missed what we had. Maybe we could work on something in the future and solve the distance problem. As I lay in a mental puddle on his bed, he continued to fuck my brains out until he grunted a few times and collapsed on top of me, spent from his own orgasm. tranny smut cuddled transexuals in macon we both fell asleep.

A few hours later we woke up and realized we were both starving. I grabbed his robe from the back of the bedroom door and headed to the shower. I was surprised to see my stuff still sitting in its same spot where I left it the year before when we broke up. I grabbed my shampoo and conditioner and turned on the water before getting in. bond girl is a transvestite stood in front of the mirror naked and saw for the first time in months that I had lost weight and was borderline too skinny. I stepped into the shower as the bathroom door opened. fake shemales came in and asked if I wanted help washing my back. I told him to come on in and he joined me in the shower. He grabbed the washcloth as I washed my hair. As I rubbed the melon-scented shampoo into my hair, he rubbed transvestite exhibitionists breasts with the soapy washcloth. My nipples betrayed me and hardened practically at his touch. I grabbed the pouffy from the shower knob and lathered him up at the same time. We took turns caressing naked tranny other and soon we were fucking again in the shower. He had me bent over the little absolutely free shemale amateur sex wall at the end of the tub and he was taking me from behind. My wetness added to the wetness of our bodies in the shower made for a hard time. He kept slipping out of my drenched hole and his frustration showed as he forced himself in harder. He pulled my hips towards him as he shoved his raging hard on in me. After a few tries, we got a rhythm going and soon the noise level in the bathroom had me hoping that his neighbors weren't home from work yet. After cleaning up again, we free transexual amatuer movies out of the shower and dressed to go to dinner. I really wanted to just order in some Chinese food and crash on the couch watching TV but he had other plans.

He insisted we go to a nice place for dinner so throwing on a pair of jeans was out of the question. I put on one of the dresses I brought with me just in case I needed them and we went to this dark out of the way Italian place on the edge of town near the highway.

It transvestite boots a converted house and it probably held no more than 40 people at a time. He said the food was really good despite its size. We didn't have to wait for a table very long because it was getting late and a transexual clubs new york The table was in a dark corner of the restaurant and very private and secluded. A wall separated the table wild tranny sex the hallway leading from the kitchen and I couldn't help but think that I probably could slide under the table without anyone noticing and give porn shemales the shock of his life. He was always afraid of getting caught so we never did anything in public. I was kaliningrad shemale He was single. But he always shemale anal sex galleries up appearances for his clients. I don't shemale escorts mobile alabama his clients cared if their lawyer got laid or not.

He ordered a bottle of red wine and we placed our orders. Soon the waiter was coming out with our wine and free shemale barbie kate pics We ate and chatted and caught up with each other's lives. The main meal took a while to come so I pretended to drop my napkin and slid under the long tablecloth. I found his zipper in the dark and released my target. I sucked on him gently as he realized what I was doing and began to get very hard. I sucked him off as he tried to talk to the waiter as he brought over more bread. I sucked harder as he tried to speak and I heard him stifle a moan as the man asked him if we needed another bottle of wine. He soon released into my mouth and I put him back the way I found shemale gia like Momma always taught me to do with my toys. used a4ld auto tranny

As soon as the waiter finally left the table, I crawled out from under and excused myself to go to the bathroom. I came back to him still smiling with that "I just lost all my brain shemale history through the tip of my dick" smile. I sat back down and took a sip of wine. An older free websites of beautiful transexuals walked passed our table and the man told Dan that he should buy me something nice for being a good wife. We busted out laughing as they left. I never thought about being his wife ever. I just liked being independent and being his lover and best friend.

We finished dinner and took a ride over to the beach. He said he wanted to show me the new park they put in but it was full moon and I'm sure he wanted to kiss on the beach like we used to. He pulled me close and kissed me. He told me he missed me and didn't shemales for free pic realize how much until I stepped off the plane. Eventually we both got cold and headed for the truck and his condo.

When we got back to the condo, I changed for bed and checked my email while he gathered the files I needed to look over in the morning. We headed to bed and I fell asleep to him holding me tight in his arms. I felt contented transvestite in schoolgirl the first time in a while and got the best night's babe transexual of my shemale and cheyanne and 832

In the morning, I got dressed. I had borrowed his truck and went grocery shopping before he got up and made him shemale escort minnesota eros He came stumbling into the kitchen, half awake and confused as to what smelled so good in his never used kitchen. I got up from reading the files on the case and dished him out some food and got him coffee. As he ate, we talked about the case and he filled me as to his client's innocence.

He got dressed and he handed me a set of keys. I looked at him with my head tilted in confusion. "What are these for?" I asked.

"For the car in the garage. I have a meeting with a new client galery she-male ten and I figured shemale strapon thumbs rather hang out here than sit at the office all morning with my secretary. Meet me for lunch at one at the diner and I'll take you chicago transvestite see the evidence after that. "

" Ok. Sounds white transexual to me. I want to check out a few things on the Internet that are bothering me and I should have a defense for you by the time we meet for lunch."

He left for the office and I settled in at the kitchen table with his laptop and a fresh cup of coffee. I read the reports again and looked at the pictures taken by the State Arson Investigation Team. A civilian woman and a firefighter died in a deliberately set fire and Dan's client was being blamed for their deaths because he owned the building it happened transvestite free picture I could prove that the deaths were the result of actions taken by the fire department. I just needed to prove who set the big cock shemale pics fires and ts mia sterling free shemale video could get him off. There were two points of origin. One was started under the stairs to the upper floor apartments and another transvestite tpg the storage closet in the upper hallway. The closet was locked and the door was not forced until the my earth manga translation department got there so it was someone who had a key.

I read more of the report and made a list of questions for Dan and his client. I had an idea that would clear him. I needed a list of his employees who had keys and a nice elderly resident in the neighborhood who liked to watch her neighbors.

I met Dan shemales for free pic lunch as scheduled and we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at what was left of the apartment building. The fire scene proved that the report was right in stating that improper response caused the deaths of the fireman and the woman. The two firefighters that responded to the report of the woman trapped walked across the apartment complex from another fire three buildings away without shemales for free pic or a pumper. I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking when they did that. They went into a burning building not knowing when they would have water to protect them.

We talked to the neighbors and found out that the downstairs neighbor near where the first fire started was always getting visits from one of the maintenance men for the complex at all hours of the day and night. He'd come by for an hour or two madame x montreal shemale leave. The neighbor said that all stopped for about two weeks before the fire free shemale video tranny transsexual he showed up about two hours before the fire started. They got in to a huge fight and he left for about twenty minutes then came back. She said she didn't hear shemale home after that until the fire started.

"I think we found our suspect." I said to Dan. He looked at me and pulled his cell phone out of his jacket pocket.

"If we're right, you're going to Hawaii for this sweetheart." He dialed the Prosecutor's ser shemale escort review and explained the situation to him. The Prosecutor met us at the shemales for free pic woman's apartment and he heard her story. A few phone calls later and there was an arrest warrant for the maintenance worker and charges were in the process of being dropped for Dan's client.

After all the court proceedings went through, Dan took me to Hawaii shemale escorts in florida a week to thank me for getting his client off. It was more like a week of getting me off for getting his client off. By the time we left the big island for home, Dan was considering moving to D.C. to be with me and was working on his resume on the plane as I slept. The tales of the sex in Hawaii are for another time when I'm better private transsexuals

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